5 Surefire Steps to Get Your Fitness Plan Going

As a personal trainer, you might think I’m immune to the stress of starting up a new workout routine, but that’s definitely not true. When you start thinking about your goals and what you have to do in order to achieve them, it can get really overwhelming! It’s easy to let little things in life get in the way of your fitness routine, especially if the routine is too boring, hard, or complicated. That’s why I put together this list.

My top 5 simple steps for creating and implementing a surefire fitness plan into your life:

1. Set Goals. Before you determine WHAT your fitness plan will look like, you need to decide WHY you’re implementing it to begin with! Setting goals comes in two stages: long term and short term. You’ll want to determine your long term goal first. All goals should follow the guidelines of the S.M.A.R.T. acronym: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. They should always be set for things you are in control of. (For example, you are not necessarily in control of how much weight you will lose this week, but you are in control of what you eat and how often you exercise.) A long term goal might sound something like this: “My goal is to lose 25 pounds by my wedding which is a year from now.” After you’ve determined your long term goal, it’s time to break it down into smaller goals. If we keep the wedding weight loss example in mind, a few short term goals following the S.M.A.R.T. guideline might look like this: “Today I will set up a nutritional and/or personal training appointment for a package for 12 months.” Or: “I will throw away all of the junk food in my pantry by Sunday and vow not to buy any more of it.” Or: “On weekdays I will take my dog for a 1 mile walk in the morning.” Or: “I will go to my favorite exercise class at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.” Once you’ve determined your goals, both long term and short term, write them down someplace where you can see them every single day and tell someone who will keep you accountable. 2. Put your workouts in your calendar. I cannot stress enough the value of this. Your workout is an appointment with yourself and needs to be treated like you’d treat any other appointment. It cannot be canceled for something small that comes up, like washing the dishes or working late. If something urgent does come up, then be sure to reschedule your workout appointment for a time that will work. What works best for me is putting my appointments for the week in my calendar on Sundays, right after whipping up a few meals to have on hand for quick lunches and snacks. 3. Make it FUN. There are so many ways to workout and get fit, and the best plan for you is one that is simple and fun! Sure, running is simple and there are many people who find it enjoyable, but if you HATE it- don’t start with running on your first day! You’ll be more prone to give up and quit if you have to force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. If you love being outside, maybe sand volleyball is for you. Maybe you like to swim; you can certainly get an exhausting workout in the pool. Be adventurous! Try something new! Rollerblading. Paddleboarding. Skiing. There are so many ways to sweat so find what you enjoy the most! 4. Find a workout buddy. It is much easier to hold yourself accountable if you have someone counting on you to meet them for a workout. Start this venture of your life with a friend or family member. And if you don’t have one and want to meet one, join us at one of our upcoming classes. We offer a fun, positive environment and it’s a great chance to meet a workout buddy who just might be your neighbor! 5. Focus on the positive gains each week. It’s frustrating when things don’t go as planned and it’s easy to say “forget it,” and slide back into bad habits. When you start feeling down, make a list of the positive things that have happened since beginning your fitness journey and focus on them. Your outlook will change. What we focus on is what drives us, so focus is SUCCESS! Now let’s get started! Let me know what your fitness goals are in the comments below. If you’re feeling stuck about where to begin or about how to determine your goals and whether they meet S.M.A.R.T. criteria, set up a personal training session with me or a nutritional coaching session with a health coach or join us for a Bootcamp in the Park class in Minnesota!

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