A Career in Nutrition

With such an unconventional approach to health and nutrition, our inbox is constantly flooded with emails from current and potential RDs as well as other healthcare providers, all seeking direction and guidance for nutrition careers. Fortunately, we offer a great solution!

We offer two “A Career in Nutrition” Webinars annually. The first is for those who are already in the field of nutrition, are ready to get started, or want to boost their business. The second webinar is for those who are unsure where to start, are seeking internship or school advice, or are looking for motivation and advice to get started or continue developing. Learn more about Cassie’s “A Career in Nutrition” Webinars here or purchase the audio from the latest webinar here!

You may also enjoy this interview podcast with Cassie where she discusses the challenges she faces as a Registered Dietitian with a real food approach. Please let us know if you have any questions or register for upcoming webinars here under “A Career in Nutrition” Webinar with Cassie.

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