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You CAN Do Cloth!

In this blog, we’d like to remind you that living a healthy, simple life doesn’t stop at the food you eat. From time to time we remind you that physical fitness is a big part of wellness (no surprises there!). What we haven’t talked about as much yet, but do believe, is that wellness and balance have opportunities to shine in nearly every facet of your life. We believe in strong, healthy relationships, reasonable budgets, balanced family and work time, and following your moral or ethical compass. That’s why I thought it might be appropriate to talk to you about…

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Simplify Your PFC Life With These Kitchen Gadgets

You nearly slice your finger off, thanks to a dull knife. You have to open the blender every few seconds to manually mix in the food still stuck on the top. You fall back on picking up pizza because you don’t have time to slow-cook a healthy meal after work. As a reader of this blog, you’re probably interested in cooking and have maybe experienced one of these problems a time or two. At the same time, you may be familiar with appliances that sounded incredible but now collect dust (bread maker, rice cooker, juicer, cookie press, anyone?). In this post, I’ll share my top three…

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Diary of a Dairy Free Experiment

*Sigh* Goodbye ice cream. Goodbye whipped cream. Goodbye butter. Goodbye cheese. Goodbye dairy.  It’s not you, it’s me, and I think we need to take a break. Well, the day has come; the day that my headaches and migraines are so out of control and debilitating that I’m going to drastic measures to fix them. I absolutely LOVE dairy. I have some type of dairy product every single day. Heavy cream, cheese, ice cream, butter – these are some of my very favorite foods. But I’ve been getting headaches and migraines since I was four years old. FOUR! Hormones certainly…

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5 Tips to Tactfully Tackle Doubters

Do any of these stories sound familiar? “A friend of mine recently declined my offer of a PFC balanced meal, saying that she was doing a cleanse that only allowed her to eat vegetables for a couple of days.” “Uncle Jeff told me he was trying to lower his cholesterol, so he couldn’t eat the egg yolks or use real butter—opting instead for those yucky egg beaters cooked in butter substitutes.” “June, who is a well-meaning mom told me how excited she was to be able to find a sandwich filler alternative to peanut butter (Nutella) that her child would…

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Everything Seems Tied to Nutrition (Haddi’s Story)

What business does an Elementary Ed major, ex-behavioral therapist, and new mommy have in the field of nutrition? Plenty! I understand what busy looks and feels like, and so do you! I understand that your time is precious, and I also know that prioritizing your health will make your life better. I want you to be able to figure out a way to make coaching work for you so you can reach your goals. Since joining the Healthy Simple Life Team, I’ve really learned how taking time for yourself and having balance in your life is part of the health equation….

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