Fermented Foods

“Do you like spicy foods? Okay, try this. Just DON’T SMELL IT before you taste it!” “What do you mean you don’t like the taste of vinegar?” “No, it isn’t rotten, that’s how it’s supposed to taste silly!” Have you had a similar experience? You may know that fermented foods…

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back!

Are you holding yourself back? Have you set a goal for eating healthier and exercising more, vowing to begin this journey on Monday? Or New Year’s Day? Have you made the decision to give up your favorite guilty pleasure…but not until AFTER the rest of the package is gone? You may be…

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Struggling with Sleep? You’re Not Alone!

As I write this I am sleep deprived. I stayed up too late last night, I was awakened several times, once by my daughter, twice by low blood sugar, several times by an alarm set unreasonably early, which I then proceeded to ‘snooze’ too many times before I actually roused…

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