Breakfast Eggceptions

I know I talk about eggs a LOT. In my opinion eggs are the gold standard protein and they’re not only nutritious, they’re also DELICIOUS! I know some of you love ‘em and are just like me in the sense that you look forward to 'em every morning. You don’t get sick of ‘em and if you go a day without ‘em you feel absolutely LOST. I totally commiserate. I also realize that some of you don’t feel the same way. Maybe you lack the time to cook eggs (in this case I’d suggest you try my awesome balanced egg bake or whip up a batch of hard boiled eggs on the weekend or cook your eggs while you’re in the shower like I do sometimes, orrrrrr I guess you can keep reading this post for excuse-busting ideas). Maybe you don’t like the texture. Maybe you have an egg allergy (this breaks my heart!). Maybe you just hate eggs (don’t be a hater!). Whatever your reason may be, this blog post is for you. The goal for breakfast, as it is for any other meal or snack, is to consume all 3 macros (protein, fat and carb = PFC) to support your body, brain and metabolism by keeping your blood sugar levels stable. In reality, ANY PFC balanced meal will do— breakfast doesn’t have to be "breakfast food"! (We're the only creatures on the planet who have special “breakfast foods”!)

Here are my top 10 faves for non-egg brekkies:

1. A Balanced Smoothie: This is a great quickie option for those of you who just don’t have time in the morning (that’s all of us, right!?) and can be made dairy free. I especially love that you can load your smoothies with vitamins and minerals (use powdered types for glutamine, and probiotics and liquids for fish oil and vitamin D). Check out this smoothie post for lots of my favorite variations and how much of each PFC category you should add to make it balanced. 2. Dinner Leftovers: Salmon or steak aren’t just delicious in the evening. Why not start your day out that way, too? Pair your leftover protein with half of a sweet potato topped with butter or coconut oil and you'll be on your way! 3. Breakfast Sausage Scramble: Applegate, Thousand Hills and Amylu are good brands for sausage. Or, if you’re like our team member Kate who lives in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t have access to grocery stores that carry “Organic” or “Natural” brands, you can check out or to find local farmers or farmer’s markets and find a source for your meat that way. Sautée with zucchini in coconut oil and have a piece of fruit on the side. 4. Protein Peanut Butter: Mix a scoop of our favorite whey protein powder with peanut butter and scoop it up with slices of apple or other fruit. It is fun, kid-friendly and portable! *Use almond butter for those with a peanut allergy and dairy-free protein powder for those with a dairy sensitivity. 5. Tuna or Chicken Salad in Pepper Boats: Use the inside of the pepper as your bowl and fill with tuna/chicken mixed with mayonnaise (the real stuff— not that canola oil "miracle" substitute!). Easy, tasty, healthy and can be prepared ahead of time. You can add other veggies like shallots, celery, or avocado as you wish. 6. Breakfast Burrito: Roll up your leftovers from a fajita night dinner in romaine leaves: chicken, onion, peppers, drizzled with olive oil and topped with sliced avocado and salsa. 7. Chicken Sausage: Heat up the chicken sausage and serve with a small handful of almonds and a big handful of berries. It’s quick, easy, satisfying, and depending on how coordinated you are, can be eaten in the car! 8. Greek Yogurt Parfait: Make with 2/3 cup plain yogurt and topped with 1/2 cup berries and a couple tablespoons of chopped almonds and/or other seeds (chia, hemp, flax). 9. Coconut Porridge: Still love oatmeal but want a more satisfying brekkie that doesn’t spike your blood sugars and leave you hungry an hour later? Heat a half cup of canned coconut milk, add a few teaspoons of shredded coconut, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 2 tablespoons of almond flour, a tablespoon of flaxseed and a scoop of protein powder. You can add stevia to taste and enjoy! 10. Bacon Hash: Because everything’s better with bacon. Use root veggies of your choice (parsnips, sweet potatoes, yams, jicamas, carrots) cooked in bacon grease (high quality bacon, no nitrates of course!). Toss the bacon in with the grated veggies and eat up. Comment below with YOUR favorite PFC balanced egg-free breakfast!

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