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“I was always the sick kid…” (Kate’s Story)

I spent most of my childhood on the giant couch in the family room, under that heavy brown and orange afghan, watching videos on MTV. I was always on that couch because I was always sick. Everyone at the doctor’s office knew me because every three weeks I’d be back, showing symptoms of something….

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“I used to eat anything…” (Alex’s Story)

As I think back over my youth and early adulthood, there wasn’t really one specific “Aha!” moment where I found the secret to my own personal health and wellness. Rather, it was a journey. You see, early in my life I ate anything. From Ho-Ho’s and Nut Rolls to green…

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5 Tips to Tactfully Tackle Doubters

Do any of these stories sound familiar? “A friend of mine recently declined my offer of a PFC balanced meal, saying that she was doing a cleanse that only allowed her to eat vegetables for a couple of days.” “Uncle Jeff told me he was trying to lower his cholesterol,…

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