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8 Ways to Minimize Toxic Estrogen Exposure

Moodiness, fatigue, cravings, acne breakouts, bloating and uncontrollable emotions…these are common issues women face during puberty, pregnancy, and their menstrual cycle when hormones are “raging!” As women, we hate feeling this way, and most men get a little anxious when the women around them are experiencing this influx of estrogen….

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For the Love of Coconut Oil

Formerly shunned for its high saturated fat content, people everywhere are embracing this healthy fat by both consuming it and using it topically. It’s even earned “superfood” status by nutrition experts and healthcare professionals all over the place…and for good reason! Let’s dive right in: The Benefits Coconut oil is…

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Fuel Your Fitness

“Do I have to eat before I workout?” “Is it always beneficial to have a protein shake after I lift weights?” “How long after I workout should I eat?” These questions are often on the minds of our clients and those striving to live an active lifestyle. Yes, nutrition should live in…

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