Looking for a dynamic speaker for a conference, meeting, lunch & learn, sports team, bridal shower, community or wellness event? The Healthy Simple Life team of dietitians provides group nutrition education and corporate wellness presentations for companies, sports teams, health clubs and more. They have given their popular presentations in the corporate setting at various locations including International Dairy Queen World Headquarters, Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate, Twin Cities Public Television, ARKRAY, PreferredOne, Farmer’s Insurance and in the community at Moms on the Run, family gatherings and banquets!

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Class descriptions:

Nutrition Reset

Don’t let the title fool you — everyone who attends this class will leave with a surplus of fresh, life-changing nutrition information! This class is the foundation of how to eat so you can look and feel your best by keeping your metabolism and your immune function turned “on.” Counting calories is OUT and eating real, delicious food is IN! Learn how to eat real food combinations at specific times throughout the day to maximize your health potential. Bring a pen and your questions — this class may change your entire outlook on food!

Metabolism Makeover

Have you ever felt like your metabolism is in the tank? Do you feel sluggish or find it difficult to focus? Do you wish you had more energy to make it through the day? Are you frustrated about losing those last five pounds? Do you rely on coffee drinks and vending machine snacks to get through the afternoon?  Do you want more energy around your kids and family? This class will cover simple ways to boost your metabolism from the minute you wake up, all throughout the day and even while you are sleeping at night. No gimmicks. No fads. Just real food for energy and supporting your metabolism to help your body run the way it was designed to.

The Big Fat Lie

Do terms like “diet,” “fat-free,” “low-calorie,” “skinny” and “low-fat” throw you for a loop? With all the mixed information out there, it can be easy to get confused as to what to believe. This class is all about fat: how we get it, how to get rid of it, how to burn it, and the role the food you put in your mouth plays in the obesity epidemic. Everything you’ll learn is based on the most current scientific research which can be applied to your life and the foods you eat. Come to find out the big, fat truth — once and for all.

The Scoop on Sugar

How do you feel about sugar? Do you believe that sugar is toxic? Which is worse: sugar or fat? Do you get cravings for sugary foods? Do you find it difficult to focus and wish you had more energy to make it through the day? What’s your take on artificial sweeteners? This class will address those questions, and many more, as we look at what scientific studies are saying about sugar, artificial sweeteners, metabolism and cravings. Get educated, feel empowered and take control as you learn how to live a craving-free life.

A Healthier Life Today

Are you sick of nutrition being so complicated? Do you wonder what advice a dietitian would give you if you asked them how to improve your life? This class pulls key nutrition information together and breaks it down so that you can get on your way to living a healthier lifestyle TODAY. You will leave with practical strategies that address your weight, your mood, your risk of disease, and your energy level.

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Our nutrition classes are strategically designed and continually updated to educate participants on key, life-changing nutrition topics. They teach people how to eat better and live a healthier, balanced life through relevant, real-life nutrition information presented in a simple, fun and engaging way. Classes range from debunking diet myths and fads to teaching balanced eating for optimal health.

Each class features a specific topic and always ends with designated, open “Q & A” session. For those who want to lose weight, increase their energy, reduce their cholesterol and eat healthier, these provide nutritional truth that will change your life! All ages, genders and lifestyles can benefit from these classes!

  • Discounts rates apply for multiple classes booked in advance!
  • Locations must be within 30 mile radius of Minneapolis (please inquire for further distances).
  • We offer a Nutrition Crash Course (2 1/2 hours), which is an all-encompassing nutrition class that highlights key features of each of our individual courses once each month at our office location, or at your preferred location upon request.
  • We also have a comprehensive Food & Fitness Class (2 1/2 hours) which teaches how to balance healthy eating with efficient exercise. We teach this one a month at our office location or at your preferred location upon request.

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