Don’t Hold Yourself Back!

Are you holding yourself back? Have you set a goal for eating healthier and exercising more, vowing to begin this journey on Monday? Or New Year’s Day? Have you made the decision to give up your favorite guilty pleasure…but not until AFTER the rest of the package is gone? You may be familiar with some of these. When it comes to setting and reaching goals, there are several barriers that can stand in the way. Don’t let the following roadblocks hold you back from becoming a healthier you TODAY. Not tomorrow, not January 1st, but TODAY! 1. Perfectionism. At Healthy Simple Life, we want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect! None of us are and we certainly don’t expect you to be. We think it’s great to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars (cheesy, we know). We see this happening with our clients over and over again. They put off making healthy changes because they know nothing they do will be perfect. They have one bad snack and let it turn into a bad day. Or one bad day and let it turn into a bad week or even month. This is devastating to see, and it certainly doesn’t need to be this way! Don’t let your fear of not being perfect interfere with being a healthier YOU. Do the best that you can as often as you can and don't worry about the rest. 2. Fear of Success. As odd as it may sound, we see clients deliberately hold off on making healthy changes because they’re afraid of reaching the goals they so desperately want to achieve! It sounds backwards, but here’s why we think this happens: if you’ve struggled with your weight your entire life, and you finally found something for weight loss that works, it can be scary to think that you may need to stick with this solution for the long haul, instead of falling back into comforting, unhealthy habits. If you’ve always failed at dieting, and this new way of eating isn’t actually a diet, it may be scary to find something that you love. Because… then what? This way of thinking is not only normal, but also common. We also hear from lots of clients that they notice other’s expectations of them change as they lose weight. Many overweight people enjoy a certain amount of invisibility in the crowd and when they are successful with their weight loss, the newfound attention might just be more than they are prepared to handle. We encourage our clients to take one step at a time and if you have emotional barriers, such as the fear of actually reaching your goal, or you have the “then what?” questions standing in your way, we’ll hold your hand and walk you through the steps. You don’t have to do it alone. That’s what we’re here for and it’s what we’re good at. :) Don’t let your fear of giving up bad, comforting habits for good, life-giving ones interfere with being a healthier YOU. 3. Fear of Failure. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have clients who procrastinate on making healthy changes because…what if it doesn’t work for them? So many of you have tried diet after diet for 10, 20, 30, 50 years or more! A lifetime of dieting failure can certainly leave you feeling afraid to try something new. (You are not alone! Read client success stories here!) We encourage our clients to still take the scary steps because if something doesn’t work for them, we will make adjustments and find what does! That’s what we love to do. Think of our coaches as your personal detectives. You make the changes and we make the adjustments and we get you to the goals you’re seeking to achieve. Don’t let your fear of failure interfere with being a healthier YOU. 4. Faux-Rewarding. One thing we see as a challenge for a lot of people is their tendency to faux-reward themselves. You have a totally awesome PFC balanced breakfast, so you allow yourself to have a cinnamon roll for your morning snack. Or you went for a run after work, so those cookies the neighbor brought over are your bedtime snack. Ate a balanced breakfast, lunch and two snacks? Fine, order pizza for dinner because you EARNED it. These little rewards really add up. Don’t let your not-so-innocent rewards hold you back from becoming a healthier YOU. 5. Dwelling on the outcome. Focusing on the end goal can be overwhelming, intimidating and just seem too BIG. This is why we like to keep it simple and break big goals into small, doable action steps. Small changes really do yield big results with persistency and consistency. Don't let the gulf between you and your end goals hold you back from becoming a healthier YOU. Minimize the distance and stress by setting smaller, practical goals. IMG_4076If you’ve noticed any of these things holding you back, don’t worry—it’s a good thing! Acknowledgement is the first step toward moving forward, and we know how to help you. We invite you to take out a pen and paper (the old school way) and jot down a few notes about why you think you may be holding yourself back, and what you need to break through this roadblock. Maybe you need to acknowledge the fact that you’re not perfect and you don’t need to be. Maybe you need to finally send that email you drafted to us, asking for our help, even though it’s a big, scary step. Maybe you need to join our PFC Club Membership (our special online membership group that allows people who are going through these kinds of struggles to support each other every step of the way!). Maybe you need to just start right here, right now, today. Read through our Simple Starting Steps post, order some gut health supplements to get your digestion on track, get rid of the junk in your pantry, stop at the grocery store on your way home and fill your cart with ONLY real food. Acknowledgement is the first step and action is the second. What step are YOU going to take today? We’d love to hear. And as always, we’re here for you. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help! How did you get through a major roadblock in your life? Leave your story below!

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