“I could never give up my ________”

One of the most frustrating lines I hear on an all too regular basis is that: “I could NEVER give up my (insert favorite substance here).” People say it when they hear our approach to health doesn’t include rice, pasta or bread at every meal. They say it when I tell them my father, who had a double bypass coronary heart surgery, passes on dessert. They say it when they learn I don’t drink milk. They say it to my clients who are working so hard to make the best choices for their bodies. The truth is: Yes you COULD give it up. And you would. If you realized how drastically your life could improve. Disclaimer right here and now: if you feel like this post is directed to you, it is. And, it’s also for the umpteen other people who have said this phrase to me or to someone else. Before you get defensive and click the X at the top of the screen, let me elaborate on why I know you could and would give it up.
  • If you suffered from acne your entire life only to give up dairy and have every blemish completely vanish, you could and would give up dairy.
  • If you tried every diet in the book to lose weight only to discover you are carbohydrate sensitive and if you cut out bread and pasta at your meals you will achieve your goal weight, you could and would give it up.
  • If you struggled with sugar addiction your entire life and experienced the freedom that is found through giving up the white stuff and NEVER had to experience a sugar craving again, you could and you would give it up.
  • If you had a double bypass heart surgery with a death scare, you could and you would give up processed desserts.
  • If you realized the reason you have to make a dash for the bathroom after every meal is because of your usual glass of milk, you would and could give it up.
This kind of “never” mindset absolutely BREAKS MY HEART. There are specific people in my life who I KNOW myself and/or one of my health coaches could help. Breaking free from obesity. Clearing up that adult acne. Getting rid of relentless sugar cravings for good. Balancing out the hormonal issues. Getting rid of the migraines. Healing the gut and the ridding of digestive issues. It kills me that their walls are SO high and SO thick. They believe those walls can't be broken. They CAN be. Not that it’s easy at first. It is for some people and it’s not for others. I think of a client who, at his first appointment, warned me that I could make all the recommendations and adjustments to his eating regimen that I wanted...except for his bedtime snack, which consisted of 6 pieces of plain toast. "Do NOT touch my bread" he said. By his third appointment he was no longer eating bread, and not because I "banned him" from it, but because he found so much balance in the rest of his day that he didn’t even WANT it. How amazing is that? This is NOT a rare situation, either. This is the typical route for many of our clients. Women who are in tears at their first appointment because processed carbs and sugar are their best friend are in AWE  a few months later when they no longer DESIRE to have that slice of bread or cake or cereal. How empowering! At first it’s hard to take five minutes from your already busy morning to cook up some eggs for breakfast, but when you do, you notice how good you feel so you do it again the next day. Breakfast goes so well, you decide to attempt a PFC mid-morning snack. Pretty soon it becomes part of your routine and the day you miss your PFC breakfast, lunch or snack is the day you feel absolutely awful. Our clients feel like new people when they eat this way. Is it worth it to you? It IS possible to change. You could and you would. Don’t keep building your wall. Never say never. And make the small changes today so that you can live a liberating, healthy, vibrant life from now on. Try it out. It won't hurt you to try, and it might help! Gluten and dairy are the 2 most frequent offenders when it comes to many of the common health issues we see, and can be the most challenging to give up. If you need help, make an appointment with one of our coaches. That’s what we’re here for and helping people achieve freedom through real food is what we are passionate about. We see people make these changes everyday! They come into our offices with a smile on their face, shocked that they could be free of their cravings in just a few weeks. You can do it too.

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