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Get the support you need to help you achieve your goals and stay on track, while taking advantage of our other great benefits. Our PFC Club Membership is our answer to your desire for community, guidance, exclusive access to the HSL team outside of coaching appointments, and a way to connect with our other clients, as well as people who share the same desire to live a healthy, simple life. Our vision for the membership group is to provide you with a non-judgmental, fun environment and facilitate a community for you to share your own ideas, recipes, ask questions and encourage one another as you improve your lifestyle. Our membership group is an invaluable resource that offers accountability and community with like-minded people who are in this journey with you!

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Daily access to the private, supportive Healthy Simple Life community Weekly special PFC balanced recipes Weekly challenges Accountability Exclusive posts and content only available in the membership group Videos from Cassie and Healthy Simple Life team members
Weekly emails with exclusive content for PFC members only Polls on our team and PFC members favorite products and strategies In depth information and discounts on featured supplements Exclusive member-only discounts (no one outside of the membership group receives any discounted prices!) Accountability Book recommendations that are in line with our approach to a healthy, simple, life  Downloadable goodies, guides, and other helpful resources created for PFC Club members only

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