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Who We Are

If you are here, chances are good you know who Cassie is, and maybe you love Cassie’s mission of debunking diet rumors, myths, and fads and teaching you how to use real food and efficient exercise to live a balanced life. While Cassie started as just one dietitian looking to change lives, she quickly grew into a team of dietitian coaches who share the same mission and support one other along with offering a collaborative team approach. That’s when Healthy Simple Life was born.

What We Want

The media is filled with “health tips” that are confusing and contradictory at best, and simply false at their worst. Our goal, like Cassie’s, has always been to spread truthful, life-changing information to help you live a long, happy, Healthy Simple Life.

Why We Do It

We know how rewarding living a healthy lifestyle can be, and want you to experience it too! We believe whole-heartedly that true health is the result of a lifestyle of informed decision-making rather than simply one area of your life. In fact, each member of our team has experienced how rewarding the right balance of sleep, food, stress reduction and efficient exercise can be, and that’s something we can’t help but share. We love helping clients figure out what works in their bodies so they can feel awesome! Give us a shout if you’re ready to get started or hang out for a while to see more of what we are all about.

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