Sugar and stomach issues have both always been huge issues for me. I was most definitely addicted to sugar and like any other addiction, was terrified to give it up. I had no idea where to begin my journey to freedom. I remember my first appointment with Cassie discussing my stomach problems and fears about eliminating sugar. She was so sweet and reassured that she would be there to help me through the whole process. Today I am so pleased to say that today my sugar addiction is NON-EXISTENT and the process was SO pain-free to my utter astonishment. Within the first 2 weeks of PFC and a supplement regimen, my stomach problems had all but DISAPPEARED!!! My eating habits have been COMPLETELY transformed. My body is finally able to perform the way it is meant to simply by me giving it the proper nutrition that it needs to function and I credit all that knowledge to Cassie. She has been not only my dietitian, but also my coach and my cheerleader through this journey. There is no way that I could have accomplished what I have without her.

Stephanie F. from Virginia

Kath_R-MinnesotaIn my first meeting with Healthy Simple Life, I said, “I know what I need to do and eat to be healthy, I just need somebody to hold me accountable.” I was wrong. My whole life, I subscribed to the low-fat, low-calorie, diet-this and that lifestyle. I blamed MYSELF when I was hungry, deprived, frustrated or overate. I didn’t realize it wasn’t me; it was the food I was eating, until my nutrition coaching with Healthy Simple Life. I finally hit a breaking point – I felt defeated and out of ideas and that’s when I reached out to HSL and met my dietitian coach. I can truly say I’m refreshed. Nutrition isn’t something that defeats me anymore, and my image isn’t something I spend hours worrying about. This isn’t a temporary program, or a one-time fix. It’s a learning experience that results in a fulfilled, healthy, and happy lifestyle. I want to thank HSL for being awesome, supportive, and innovative. I can’t wait for others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through real food, and encourage them to reach out to the Healthy Simple Life team like I did.

Kath R. from Minnesota

Working with you over the past few months has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about nutrition, “the Big FAT Lie”, eating habits and fitness goal setting. One of the greatest things about working with you has been constant motivation to make better choices, and “stick with it, for better results” has just changed my life. I feel 100% better day to day, and have way more energy. I would tell anyone who struggles with weight, energy or even just poor diet just how much you have motivated me and how you would do the same with them! Simply put… You’re Awesome!

Jeff L. from Minnesota

PFC has completely changed my life. I had been obese most of my life, then diagnosed with anorexia and was nearly on my death bed when I relapsed and went to the other extreme, developing binge eating disorder. I quickly put weight back on and topped out at 230 lbs. To date, I have lost 70 lbs and in a healthy, comfortable way with the PFC guidelines. Since adopting the PFC way of eating I no longer feel deprived and it is easier to stay out of the dark valleys that can be haunting from my past in dealing with my eating disorder. I now know that fat does not make you fat and it is not about counting calories. It’s about eating real food and feeling great doing so. The PFC philosophy has given me freedom and I cannot be more thankful for that.

Jill P. from Michigan

“Dietitian Cassie is THE BEST. After trying numerous different diets and seeing no long-term success. She helped me what I should be eating and WHY. With her help I have made a true lifestyle change and as a result have lost 30 POUNDS and counting! The way she approaches food makes so much more sense than ANY other nutrition professional I have encountered and she does a great job breaking down what to eat and when to eat into realistic recommendations. She is also incredibly personable and encouraging — I’ve never felt bad or embarrassed at ANY meeting with her and I always walk away feeling inspired. I highly recommend contacting Cassie for ANY nutritional need!”

Sarah C. from Minnesota

As a vegan, I was worried Cassie would tell me that I have to change my ethical standpoint to meet my health goals. She didn’t. She worked with my needs, provided excellent menu suggestions, and respected my decision for choosing to be vegan. It was also a relief to get away from counting calories and instead just focus on eating balanced, healthy meals. I was never perfect but Cassie was always upbeat and helped me identify problem areas instead of making me feel embarrassed. The best part is that even though I wasn’t perfect, I saw results! I feel great, lost weight and have better focus during my workouts. I’m never hungry and get to eat foods that I LOVE (avocados!). Cassie really kept me on track and helped me reach my goals!

Chelsea B. from Indiana

In the months I worked with Cassie, she deprogrammed me from the fad diet advice I’ve seen in magazines, books and blogs for years. She taught me that fat is NOT my enemy and diet food is NOT my friend. When I began eating per Cassie’s advice, I slept better than I had in YEARS (thank you bedtime snack!), I began to deal with stress better, my afternoon slump disappeared and overall I felt FANTASTIC. When I stumble back into my old habits, my body lets me know immediately. I am SO happy I found Cassie and invested in my health and my future. She has been encouraging, helpful and has shown me how to honor my body and fuel it properly. Thank you Cassie, I am more hopeful about my future than I have been in a LONG time!”

Kelly O. from Idaho

“When I first started working with Cassie I was 100 pounds overweight and extremely unhappy. Despite my best intentions, I was struggling to make good decisions about food. I was beginning to think of food as an addiction and considered joining Overeaters Anonymous — then I found Cassie. Within ONE month of following “the PFC Plan,” I’d lost eight pounds and felt IN CONTROL of my eating. Several months later, my weight loss journey continues and I am learning to listen to my body. Cassie has changed my life in an IMMENSELY positive way and eating real food works!”

Jackie S. from Pennsylvania

As a self-proclaimed weight ‘yo-yoer’, my weight has always been a daily struggle. Cassie taught me the importance of eating REAL FOOD, healthy exercise and healthy living. Through her prompting I have come to enjoy fish (something my mother thought would never happen), control my food portions, exercise on a regular basis and several other healthy habits. Her proven strategy of PFC has helped shape my daily food intake and allowed me to enjoy all my favorite foods while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What sets Cassie apart from all the other dietitians and health professionals is her willingness to meet you where you are. I came from a background of healthier eating habits and with an understanding of the importance of ‘clean living’. So for me, it was less about the kinds of foods I ate but rather more about the combination of foods as well as the dreaded EXERCISE. When my progress stalled, Cassie held me accountable. If you are wondering if it makes sense to work with Cassie, I have to emphasize that there is no one greater to work with on your eating and lifestyle habits. Cassie is simply the BEST! Cassie and her program have taught me such a plethora of healthy habits and because of it, I am positive I will remain healthy now and forever.

Brittany B. from Colorado

Cassie’s blog saved me from disordered eating, conventional brainwashing, and depression. In my last year of college counted calories, ate low-fat and was convinced I’d thrive on a plant-based diet after watching countless documentaries. Although I lost my freshman fifteen and thought I was doing everything right, I could not think clearly, did not have energy and had a dangerously skewed body image. I began yo-yo dieting in various efforts to fix my flaws, but it was not until I found Cassie’s blog that the thick brain fog finally lifted. Her posts debunked all the myths I believed and I finally have energy for all of life’s activities. I have always believed in the power of nutrition, but my recent enlightenment from Cassie to the conventional lies has only intensified my passion.”

Ellen W. from Maine

Cassie makes nutrition simple. She knows what she’s talking about and she is passionate about educating her clients so they can make informed decisions. Cassie never makes you feel like you have to completely overhaul your eating all at once, which is unrealistic and overwhelming. Instead, she is FULL of ideas about how to make small, gradual changes that are sustainable for the long haul. I think about food differently than I used to, forgoing diet and fat-free foods in favor of smaller portions of REAL food.”

Brenda P. from Minnesota

I have always had trouble with cravings and feeling deprived if I couldn’t have certain foods. Cassie has taught me the importance of having PFC at every meal and snack which has curbed my cravings and has resulted in weight loss. I don’t focus on the scale but rather in how I feel and how my clothes fit (my pants are looser and I’m using a belt again). I understand what causes my cravings and have learned how to manage them. I have learned that within a half hour after eating carbohydrates I  feel very sleepy. I have more energy and don’t spend a lot of time focusing on my next meal!”

Wendy G. from Minnesota

Cassie has taught me a healthier way to look at food. She created a plan to fit my goals and lifestyle and all of my questions were answered in a friendly, helpful manner. Cassie taught me the science behind food and how eating real food can positively impact my health and metabolism. There is no counting calories or points. I have lost weight, have more energy, and feel less winded when exercising or playing with my kids. I have even lost my cravings for junk food, something that has never happened before. Cassie, thank you for creating a meal plan that fits my lifestyle and is easy to stick to.

Jason S. from Minnesota

“Because of the new nutrition understandings and PFC balanced lifestyle, I received from Cassie’s coaching, I lost over 20 pounds, lowered my bad cholesterol and learned how to shop properly to cook for one. Cassie is an inspiration for me as I adjust to my new lifestyle. Also, because of Cassie’s recommendations I am able to smile and say “No Thank You” when offered sweets during the holiday season which I thought would never happen.”

Cheryl P. from Tennessee

In less than one year, I have lost 27 pounds thanks to the PFC lifestyle provided by Cassie! I used to be an uncomfortable size 12 hiding behind baggy sweaters and bulky clothes. Now I am a size 6! I no longer count a single calorie, I enjoy butter and heavy cream with every meal and I don’t even have to work out. This is what freedom feels like. When I met with Cassie I was excited by her unconventional approach to health and weight loss. At that time I was working out every day and my diet consisted of what my doctor recommended: tons of whole grains, processed peanut butter, low-fat everything, diet soda and sugary yogurt (after all, it was supposed to “help” with weight loss). After implementing the PFC mantra, the “post meal bloat” that I thought was normal is gone, and I feel amazingly energized without even working out! Never did I believe I would be in control of my weight, my cravings, and my happiness. THANK YOU DIETITIAN CASSIE!”

Rachel B. from Minnesota

“After 9 months of following the PFC approach, my husband is down 50 pounds, his “bad cholesterol” went from 88 down to 60 and his “good cholesterol” went from 38 to 41, while eating eggs, cheese and veggies every day. He looks great, feels great and has found great inspiration with you. He is rubbing off on so many people around him as well. Our entire family makes better choices now! Our pantry cabinets are nearly empty except for the nuts and craisins. 🙂 We thought we were doing okay before, but our eyes have certainly been opened. Thanks for all you do.”

Holly A. from Minnesota

“I set out to lose weight following 4 pregnancies and the loss of my infant son. Running helped me in many ways, but until I changed the way I was eating I could not shed the excess pounds. I have lost 20 pounds in 6 months and feel great! I feel more energetic and stronger! My husband also has weight to lose and has now been steadily losing after following Cassie’s recommendations as well. Eating well in combination with my running has helped me form a healthy lifestyle, for me and for my family.”

Nicole N. from Minnesota

“I weighed 240 pounds. I wanted to do something about it but didn’t know how. Everything seemed so complicated. I saw Cassie on television and everything she said made sense to me. After listening to Cassie’s advice and completely trusting her with my health, I lost 10 pounds almost immediately. In about 7 months, I lost 40 pounds! I am so glad I signed up for monthly coaching! She’s helped me with different issues that come up as the seasons change. I’ve had plateaus along the way and she’s walked me through them. If you’re thinking that she might be able to help you and that what she’s saying makes sense… she can, and it does. If I can do it, so can you. It’s not hard, and it gets easier and easier the longer you listen to her. I can’t say enough great things about how Cassie has absolutely changed my life. I feel better. I look better. I eat better. I don’t feel deprived at ALL.”

Megan S. from Minnesota

“Due to my dietary restrictions of gluten and dairy, I was nervous about my food options in the dining hall at my university and of course, the dreaded freshman 15. Cassie helped me by coming up with healthy choices in the dining hall and ones I could fix in my dorm too. She helped me not gain any weight when transitioning to college, and actually LOSE some! In my coaching sessions, she taught me so much about how my body works and I now have a greater understanding of how my body responds to different foods. I learned what foods drag me down (starchy carbs) and which ones give me loads of energy (real foods and healthy fats). Cassie showed me how I can still get my coffee fix, but in a healthy way! Through Cassie’s personal coaching, I was able to transition into college “food life” at ease. She gave me such creative ways to eat foods within my personal dietary restrictions that taste good! I couldn’t have done it without her!

Maddy C. from Minnesota

After my first two weeks of embracing the PFC lifestyle I lost 7 pounds effortlessly — NEVER feeling hungry or deprived. After hitting a plateau about 4-5 months postpartum, I was exercising regularly and eating what I thought was a healthy balanced diet with no further progress. In desperation, I was one credit card transaction away from signing up for a 21-day cleanse packet “guaranteed to transform your body.” Thankfully I found the PFC guidelines and have successfully reached my pre-pregnancy weight and continue to maintain it with ease. Cassie’s insight and guidance has given me the power and freedom to enjoy REAL food without stressing and worrying about counting calories or points. It is now as easy as P-F-C! It’s terrifying to start eating real food — especially full fat food, but it works and I’ve never been happier and healthier since following the balanced PFC way of eating.

Molly D. from Minnesota

I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself possible walking down the aisle to my almost-husband! When I met with Cassie for my Wedding Weight Loss coaching appointment, we covered my new goals. I told her I wanted to be fit, have a ton of energy, and lose 10 pounds in a short span. We went through my eating habits (which I thought weren’t that bad — I had much to learn!), food allergies and personal struggles. Cassie taught me how to support my metabolism by healing from the inside out, so once we healed my gut, my metabolism began to work efficiently! Cassie provided AMAZING meal and supplement recommendations in the individual coaching session and I also attended her nutrition crash course class which provided metabolism and weight loss strategies. The PFC program WORKS and I no longer feel hungry. I’ve learned a ton along this journey about myself and how to truly care for me and eventually, a family.  Proof is truly in the results! I lost the weight before the wedding and felt AMAZING! It was worth every penny to invest in my health and I’m so thankful I went with Dietitian Cassie.

Charell V. from Minnesota

Jennifer_S-MinnesotaAs a vegan was a little worried that Cassie and I would have some difficulty finding common ground on how to succeed with the PFC lifestyle without eggs. Thankfully Cassie was accommodating, positive and helped me come up with a PFC vegan plan. I also really appreciated that she was so positive in our meetings and when I would get off track she didn’t make me feel shameful about it. And without being perfect, I still saw results — my jeans went from being air-dried to heading right into the dryer after washing and they still fit! I am grateful for the knowledge I gained from nutrition coaching with Cassie and I still hear her voice in my head when I am making food choices. She usually wins, which means that I win too! I would encourage you to find value in the free resources she offers and even if you’re apprehensive about personal coaching, go for it! It changed my life and will change yours too.

Jennifer S. from Minnesota

Jean_B-MinnesotaAt my first appointment with Cassie I felt very comfortable with her. I knew I needed more than a couple appointments to get a handle on this weight and reach health goals, so I committed to a year. Cassie taught me how to heal my gut which wasn’t in the best shaped due to all the diets I had been on in the past, which had, in turn, messed up my metabolism. Within just a couple of days of following Cassie’s recommendations and eating the PFC way, I had ENERGY and just 2 weeks into the PFC lifestyle, I dropped 6 pounds! For the first time in my adult life I’ve dropped a pants size! Cassie also helped me through other situations, such as ditching my scale, dealing with negativity from my friends regarding my weight loss and learning to stand up for myself. She was there for me every step of the way and I can’t say enough about how nutrition coaching has improved my life. It’s not even about the weight anymore, it’s about putting the best possible food that I can into my body.

Jean B. from Minnesota

Cassie-CourtneyAndKathyM-MinnesotaWe are so thankful to have found Cassie and the “PFC Way” of living. My Mom and I have been eating PFC for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with the way our lives have improved! We embarked on this journey not necessarily to lose weight (which has been a plus!), but to live a healthier lifestyle and to feel like we were more in charge of our health. We were sick of counting points, calories, and measuring out our food to only feel tired and hungry an hour later. Cassie showed us that by listening to your body, and eating real food in PFC balance, you will not only feel and look better, but feel full AND satisfied! We have both experienced more energy, improved immune systems (yay for improved gut health!), and an all around peace of mind knowing that the way were are living is good for our bodies! Thank you Cassie for all the improvements you have made to our lives! We are forever thankful for have found you and the “PFC Way”!

Courtney & Kathy M. from Minnesota

Leslie-S-from-MinnesotaI have been working with dietitian coach, Alex at Healthy Simple Life for 4 months, and I am thrilled at the results of my recent blood work. My total cholesterol is down 48 points, my triglycerides are down nearly 100 points and my Hemoglobin A1C has gone down from 6.1 to 5.8! Just additional proof that the info we are given is junk! I am so thankful to have found the Healthy Simple Life team and have embraced the PFC lifestyle.

Leslie S. from Minnesota

Rich-I-from-CaliforniaMy Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis changed my life. I immediately overhauled my diet and saw progress on my own but needed the guidance of a professional to really get where I wanted to be. That’s why I reached out to the Healthy Simple Life coaching program to work one on one with a coach who could streamline my nutrition, exercise and supplementation to get the best results possible. Over the past 6 months I have lost 17 lbs, reduced my triglycerides by about 80 points, achieved a hemoglobin A1c of 5% and no longer need glucose-lowering medication to keep my blood sugars in a normal range!! I no longer suffer from brain fog and my energy levels are consistently high throughout the day, giving me energy to work efficiently and support the active lifestyle I love. Looking back from last year to now is like night and day. The Healthy Simple Life coaching program helped me get my life back!

Rich I. from California

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