“I thought I was doing everything right…” (Emily’s story)

Throughout my childhood, teenage years, and even into my twenties, I never felt like I was doing anything wrong. I grew up much like many other kids in America: spending every possible summer moment—sun-up to sun-down—playing outside with my friends, participating in lots of community and school sports, and gathering around the dinner table for a few “home-cooked” meals each week with my family (Hamburger Helper, anyone?). Of course, I jumped at every opportunity for a sweet treat (birthday party, the ballpark, church bake sale, you name it!) or junk food. Those habits stuck with me throughout high school, as I "knew" my active lifestyle would offset the “bad” food I was eating. I carried around extra weight for years, all because I didn’t think what I was fueling my body with mattered so long as I was active. After my high school graduation, I took a much deeper interest in food while I was traveling around the world doing missionary work. I loved every opportunity to eat new foods from other cultures, but they started adding up on my waistline...fast. Starchy carbohydrates were never out of reach because they’re cheap, easy to prepare, and can be grown plentifully in other countries. From the large servings of rice and several bananas a day in Thailand, to the potatoes and lentils served at every meal in India, I was in a chronic state of bloat, and the pounds packed on fast. Later on, as I shuffled through a few different college majors trying to find my niche, I finally landed on a career in nutrition. While this meant that I had to transfer schools, lose dozens of credits, and sit through what felt like every science class that the University of Minnesota offered, it was worth it and I couldn’t have been more excited. Throughout my life, and especially during my nutrition studies, I fully embraced the low fat/high carbohydrate standard American diet (SAD is a good abbreviation for it). I thought it held all the answers to eating right. I went out of my way at the grocery store to find the low-fat yogurt, skim milk and extra lean meat. I made sure to load up on whole grain breads and pasta. I counted calories and avoided saturated fat like the plague since that’s what we were supposed to do to be healthy, right? I believed in the oft repeated mantra of “moderation.” Still, deep down I felt like there must be more to nutrition than what I knew. Then one day while doing some research, I stumbled upon Dietitian Cassie’s website, and began digging into her work and countercultural philosophy on nutrition. Her approach made total sense to me—far more than the concepts I was being taught in nutrition school. Of course it made sense to eat in “PFC balance,” allowing blood sugars to stabilize and remain that way, and letting our bodies efficiently burn fat to provide the energy we need all day! Of course the best way to heal metabolism was from the inside out, taking more into consideration than just calorie-counting, opting to also look at gut health, hormones, sleep and stress, just to name a few! It all made sense, and just like with Cassie’s experience, it was the opposite of what I was learning in school. From that time on, my wheels have been constantly spinning. Personally, I fully embraced the PFC way of eating in my own life and, in general, turned my views of fat and nutrition upside down. The extra weight I’d packed on over the years just dropped off, my energy levels skyrocketed, and my life was transformed. Now I’ve actually joined Cassie and the Healthy Simple Life team to do for others what they did for me. I’m passionate about helping you get to the root cause of your health issues too! I’m excited to help you break free of the quick fixes and dieting lies you’ve been fed. Together, we can overcome your struggles, and you can live your healthiest life possible, too!

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